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Vendor: Starboard

Discover the world of Starboard's Touring Paddleboards, where quality meets performance on a global scale. Embraced by magazines and cherished by customers, these boards have earned their reputation as some of the best in the world.

Due to a very high demand and a very low supply from Starboard of this model, you have to pre-order your board. It's not ideal, and we appreciate it, but it's first-come-first-served this season as we simply cannot get enough of these.

Next expected delivery: early April 2024

The Touring inflatable paddle board boasts a thoughtfully designed wider nose and squarish tail, ensuring enhanced stability, especially in challenging conditions. Take your board to the water effortlessly with the distinctive Starboard shoulder carry strap, offering a hands-free and convenient experience unique to Starboard products.

Experience cutting-edge technology with Rail Edge Technology, effectively releasing water at the tail and minimising drag. The Welded Rail Technology ensures a robust and durable inflatable board by mechanically joining the deck and hull, setting it apart in terms of strength and longevity. The Roll Technology allows you to pack the board, pump, and paddle into a bag that is 30% smaller, featuring roller wheels and hiking straps for travel convenience, exclusively available with Zen Single Chamber boards.

Starboard's Deluxe inflatable boards feature Fusion Woven dropstitch and Heat Welded rails for exceptional strength and stiffness, complemented by 2000D galvanised rails for added durability. Opt for the optional Double Chamber to enhance stiffness and provide extra flotation for emergencies, achieving the performance of a hard board without sacrificing safety or portability.

Key Features:

  • Touring S: For a faster sensation with a slender 28” width, ideal for those who are light or have good balance.
  • Touring L: For a stable and solid feel, perfect for carrying more gear or heavier riders.
  • Voluminous Nose and Squarer Tail: Enhance stability, pop through chop, and create a platform for step-back turns.
  • Multiple Carry Handles: Tail handle, center carry handle, and extra handle on the nose for easy transport, especially when fully loaded.
  • 2-in-1 Shoulder Strap & Paddle Holder: Velcro loops for your paddle, allowing for easy carrying and freeing up your hands for other tasks.
  • Rail Edge Technology: Creates a sharp edge for smooth water release, optimizing glide and speed.
  • Bungee Tie Down: Store gear and supplies with the attached bungee and 4 D-rings.
  • FCS Insert: Nose attachment for accessories like GoPro, phone holder, compass, or GPS (available only on Deluxe boards).
  • Re-Cover Bag: Lightweight and comfortable design with roller wheels for easy transport and an ergonomically curved hiking strap.
  • Included Pump: Fast, easy, and efficient pumping with double and single action modes.
  • Free Lightweight Leash: Incredibly light at 70g, with soft cushioning for comfort.
  • New Drop Fin Box: Improved hydrodynamic efficiency and 50% reduced drag with smart reinforcements reducing weight by 10%.
  • Windsurf Option: Removable mast track, water-releasing rail edge technology, removable footstraps, and center fin box, available on 12’6″ x 30″ Deluxe Single Chamber.


14’0” x 32”

Touring L

14’0” x 30”

Touring M

12’6” x 28”

Touring M

Rider Weight

70-135 kg

60-120 kg

55-110 kg


32” / 81.3 cm

30” / 76.2 cm

30” / 76.2 cm


6” / 15 cm

6” / 15 cm

6” / 15 cm

Tail Width

17.9” / 45.5 cm

16.6” / 42.2 cm

19.3” / 49 cm


409 L

389 L

355 L

Fin Set Up





Dol-fin 22

Dol-fin 22

Dol-fin 22



DDC: 13.4 kg

DDC: 12.9 kg