Kitesurfing Lessons: How to self-launch a kite?

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Ok, so you're at the beach first, it's blowing nicely, sun is shining, tide's going out and there's no one to help you launch your kite. If the conditions are right, you've got a nice, clear area to launch and you've already have good experience controlling the kite you can launch it yourself. Here's how!

Please bear in mind that unassisted self-launching can be very dangerous if you're unexperienced or the wind is particularly strong or gusty. Let's break it down:

  1. Make sure you are setting up the kite far away from any hard obstacles and that there's nothing sharp on the ground around the kite.
  2. It's always good to be next to water, the less time you spend on the beach with the kite in the air the safer it is.
  3. Setup your lines from behind the kite. Make double sure there are no twists and tangles - you won't have the second chance as soon as you'll start launching.
  4. Pull in depower line to be on the safe side. Even if it doesn't look too windy.
  5. Get hooked in (leash first!) and move to the edge of the wind window.
  6. Pull in gently on the steering line so that the kite can turn and start catching wind.
  7. You know the rest!
  8. Check out the videos below to give you more of an idea how to go about it.
  9. If you need kitesurfing lessons, get in touch with us, we'll point you in the right direction. Stay safe!

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