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Fanatic AllWave SUP Review - 2021

Our friends and SUP Boarder have put the new Fanatic AllWave SUP through its paces. It's definitely one of our all time favourite wave boards that's made for the real world conditions. We do get some really good, big and clean days in the UK but for the majority of us it's dealing with choppy randomness.

It's where this board shines - it's a catch-all and catch-early, however it can still be thrown around with ease when you step back and put some pressure on the tail and it's generally insanely fun and easy to surf. Whenever we get asked about either a first wave-dedicated SUP or a stable platform that will allow for an easy progression - the Fanatic AllWave is always on the top of our list.

In a nutshel:

  • very lightweight to carry,
  • very stable even in choppy waters,
  • easy to paddle over waves,
  • board has a lot of glide and that combined with superior stability equals A LOT of caught waves!

Have a look at what SUPBoarder has to say about this epic SUP:

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