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Onewheel Rides in Scotland

We ride the gear we sell. The reason we've got into this in the first place is because we're addicted to the outdoors - be it Onewheel XR, Onewheel Pint or... kitesurfing - we only work with companies we feel connected to. The Onewheel took all our staff by storm and we can't get off our boards. The freedom the OW provides and the ability to go pretty much anywhere in epic. Different to electric skateboards, we're not limited to smoother surfaces, stone chips are not an issue and trails are where the Onewheel comes to life!

Once you get into this it's like mafia - there's no way out. You start floating everywhere, racking up the miles and looking for an excuse to go and shred. When these first came out we all though it's just another toy that we'll use for commuting from time to time and it'll end up in the back of the shed. How wrong we were. It became part of our lifestyles - it always sits in the back of my van and wherever I stop I'm always looking for a place to ride. Even after full day of MTB and downhill riding it's nice to ride some of the trails to unwind. Not to mention walking the dog. Well... "walking"!

Here's a short clip of us riding on the Onewheel XR near Queensferry in Scotland - what a spectacular day to be out!

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