Our range of inflatable kayaks will get you on the water in no time. They're built to last and to keep you safer whilst exploring lochs, coastline and rivers. All our kayaks come with free next day delivery or you can collect them from our kayak store in Scotland.
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Sandbanks Optimal Double Seater Kayak

The new Sandbanks Optimal range of kayaks have been designed to be used both on the open waters as well as rivers, lochs and lakes. It's been made to perform...

Sandbanks Optimal Single Inflatable Kayak

The Optimal is an inflatable, crossover kayak that truly excels in any water and is designed to feel just like a solid kayak and not compromise on performance. The Optimal...

Sandbanks Explorer Single Seater Kayak

Sandbanks Explorer is a great beginner-level inflatable kayak that works superbly well on calm, flat waters. It's designed for those looking to explore lochs, lakes and calm rivers. It's less...