Our range of inflatable and hardhshell kayaks will get you on the water in no time. They're built to last and to keep you safer whilst exploring lochs, coastline and rivers. All our kayaks come with free next day delivery or you can collect them from our kayak store in Scotland.
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Tahe Trinidad Kayak

The Trinidad kayak is specifically designed to provide a relaxing experience on the water. Its compact size allows for comfortable seating of two adults and a child, making it highly...

Tahe Borneo Kayak

The Tahe Borneo is a versatile Sit-On-Top kayak designed with families in mind, accommodating one or two adults and one child, with a weight capacity of 550lbs/250kg. Its innovative features...

Tahe Ouassou Kayak

The Tahe Ouassou kayak is specifically designed to offer versatility and easy maneuverability, making it perfect for enjoyable beach activities. With stern handles that allow you to hold on and...