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Vendor: Spinera

An indispensable electric SUP pump designed to meet all your paddling needs. One of the key features of this pump is its built-in rechargeable battery, which sets it apart from traditional models. With this innovative design, you can bid farewell to relying on your car's power source. Now you have the freedom to inflate your paddle boards anywhere, regardless of your proximity to a vehicle.

The pump has 2 modes: high volume for filling up the board with air and high pressure topping the board up to 16psi. Check your boards instructions for the max psi it can take.

What's more, this electric SUP pump boasts an impressive charging capacity. With just a single charge, you can inflate up to 3 to 4 paddle boards, making it suitable for group outings or multiple paddling activities. This efficiency ensures that you spend less time inflating and more time enjoying your favorite water sports.

Equipped with an LED display, this pump provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring the inflation process. The display allows you to easily track the current pressure, ensuring that your paddle boards are inflated to the desired level with precision and accuracy.

This durable and essential electric SUP pump revolutionises the way you prepare for your paddling adventures. Its hardy construction guarantees longevity, while its lightweight design facilitates easy storage and hassle-free traveling. With its built-in rechargeable battery, you can inflate your paddle boards away from the car, and the impressive charging capacity enables multiple board inflation on a single charge. The inclusion of an LED display adds a touch of convenience to ensure precise inflation. Experience the convenience and reliability of this electric SUP pump for all your paddling needs.


  • Rechargeable - up to 4 paddle boards per charge
  • 12v
  • Digital Display
  • Up to 16psi
  • 70 l/min in the high volume mode