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Sku: 10OV-CATC-CAT-8'BL86-864-S
Vendor: Catch Surf

Kalani Robb is a professional surfer from Hawaii who was born on September 26, 1977. He grew up on the North Shore of Oahu, where he began surfing at a young age. Kalani quickly developed a reputation as a talented and fearless surfer, and he began competing in local contests as a teenager.


More is better when it comes to having fun and the LOG delivers!
In true Odysea form, the LOG has a classic look and feel with mega-float performance so you can shred with ease and style.
So whether you're a stoked grom learning to surf or a seasoned vet looking to maximize wave count, the Odysea LOG is for you!
The LOG is a legit board designed by real surfers in California. Enjoy.

SIZE - 8’ x 23” x 3.375” - 86 Litres


  • Super-Fun for all skill levels!
  • Tons of Float and Easy Wave Catching.
  • Stiff Dual Composite Core.
  • Triple Wood Stingers!
  • Durable HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail.
  • Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design.
  • Soft-Performance Tri-Fin Set with Leash Plug.
  • Designed by Catch Surf in San Clemente, California, USA. 

In 1993, Kalani won the prestigious NSSA National Championship in the Open Men's division, and he turned professional shortly after. He went on to have a successful career as a competitive surfer, winning numerous events on the World Championship Tour and earning a reputation as one of the most innovative and stylish surfers of his generation.

In addition to his competitive success, Kalani has also become known for his free-surfing and his contributions to surf culture. He has appeared in numerous surf films and videos, including the classic film "Momentum" and the modern classic "Stranger Than Fiction." He has also worked as a commentator and analyst for surf contests, and he has been involved in surfboard design and innovation.

Throughout his career, Kalani has remained deeply connected to his Hawaiian roots, and he has been a strong advocate for preserving the culture and environment of his home islands. Today, he continues to surf and inspire others with his passion for the sport and his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.