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Vendor: Fanatic X

Duotone and Fanatic Sky Wing and High Aspect Aluminum Foil package ideal for starting out and learning on a modular system that will allow you to swap over foil wings without the need to upgrade the whole setup. Along with one of the best wings on the market to make your progression as easy as possible

If you're just starting out, drop us a message and we'll happily advise you on the correct foil sizes and help with any questions you might have!

Duotone Slick 5.0m Wing

The 2023 Duotone Slick is our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing featuring the Mini Boom - designed to enhance your flying experience with increased lift, power, and hang time.

Fanatic Sky Wing Board 

The Fanatic Sky Wing 2023 returns after some tweaks and improvements... With a shape close to the past version, The Fanatic Sky Wing is given new sizes. As compact and bulky as ever, this board will offer the performance you need to maneuver easily in flight. This new Fanatic Sky and its epoxy construction.

Fanatic Aero High Aspect AL 3.0 Foil Package

Efficiency and glide is what our range of high aspect foils stands for. Developed specifically for Wing Foiling, these wings will take your foiling experience to the next level. Our new highly refined AL 3.0 masts and fuselages are incredibly stiff and direct, almost 20% lighter compared to our previous models and come with an optimized drag behavior and a new trim that adds playfulness without compromising ease of use.  

Included in the package: 

Product Code Description
13220-1128 Fanatic Sky Wing 6'3" 2023 Board
42240-3710 Duotone Alu Mast 75/76 2024
13210-3544 Fanatic Hi Aspect 2000/300 wing set
42230-3521 Slick 2023 5.0m
44210-3530 Aluminium boom
44200-8013 DT leash
48220-7061 ION wing core leash Ankle 5'5"
44200-7060 Duotone pump Large